Nabem Ezekiel Iornem popularly known by his stage name Eazy Bob Wizzy was born in Kaduna State (Nigeria), to parents from Benue, Nigeria. He says his family is “the best polygamous family anyone will want to be a part of.” He grew up listening to Hip Hop songs from the likes of The Fugees, 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. amongst others. His elder brothers and cousins always played these songs, and even though Eazy never understood them, he sang along and hummed the lyrics as well.

Eazy Bob Wizzy likes to describe himself as “an artist who makes art to shape urban culture.” Eazy Bob Wizzy’s love for art came to life at the age of three. He was always drawing on almost every surface he could, from his books to his father’s books to the table to his legs (no kidding). At age four his family moved from the northern part of Kaduna to the south side. At the age of five, he wasn’t only interested in drawing. The art of rap became a thing of interest to him. He couldn’t write his lyrics at the time, so he was fond of rapping lyrics from hymnals and prefaces of various textbooks he used at school. The best he could do was taking a song and adding his words to them (whether they made sense or not).

During the summer holidays, before he started secondary school, he knew he wanted to make a living out of rap. He planned to start as a “gospel rapper” to gain support from his family, while he wrote songs (undercover) bragging about money, fame, and girls. Fast forward to the year 2011 after his girlfriend at the time broke up with him, he decided to start his life anew.

Since then, he has been making music to capture the hearts of young men and women and directing it to God. When he’s not making music, he runs his media and marketing company “34ZY Med!a.” In July 2019, his clothing line “Ryt Path Clothing”, and record label “XtraOrdinary Rekordz” merged under his primary company “Ryt Path Co.” He has a BSc. in Marketing from the ‘University College of Management Studies’ Accra, Ghana.

On his debut album, Eazy Bob Wizzy is on a journey of self-discovery, a journey to find himself. Speaking about life experiences ranging from life before Jesus and struggling to maintain a relationship with Him, experiences with friends, family, his girlfriend(s), addiction and also how everything he’s been through so far has made him who he is.

From talking about the effect of procrastination on his life on “Nike,” and talking about his identity in Christ on the song “X” (using a catchy hook). He painted THE perfect picture of love between a man and a woman on “Fyn Geh” with Leo Owan, and going even further to talk about his “Desires” and how imperfect he is on “Imperfect E!” To top it off, he tells us how God feels about him despite his imperfections on the song “Love.”

To promote the release, Eazy Bob Wizzy organised a concert series dubbed “The Who is Eazy Experience.” The concert series took place in three cities (Kaduna, Makurdi, Accra) in two countries (Nigeria and Ghana). Performing his debut album live in front of hundreds of fans and music lovers was a dream come true for him.

Eazy Bob Wizzy is a well-rounded artist and producer who makes good music of substance based around relevant content. He is currently working on a mixtape titled “Where Is Eazy?” which should be out in 2019.

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